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We had an extraordinary experience of Rural India through the Rural Immersion Programme on healthcare conducted by MART
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MART offers a unique set of training to organisations and professionals both in development and corporate sectors. Training topics include rural marketing, rural innovation, inclusive marketing and market led livelihoods.

Our Differentiators

  • We have been in the forefront of creating knowledge on rural marketing and livelihoods
  • Our professionals are practicing trainers who bring field experience to the classroom
  • Created several best practices that offer unique learning for participants
  • More than a decade of experience in creating ‘go-to-market’ strategies


Rural Immersion Program

Rural Markets offer the next big opportunity for many national and global companies. It is crucial that managers of these companies be well versed with the Breitling Colt Replica Watches environment and behaviour of rural consumers. This module takes them to a rural setting to experience the environment on a real life basis.

Topics For Whom Duration
  • Know your rural market
  • Rural marketing strategies – distribution and communication
  • Exploring innovations in low income markets
  • Ethnographic research through PRA and FGD at village level
  • Visit to weekly markets, mandi and rural enterprises 
  • Interaction with consumers and stakeholders
  • Sr Managers
  • Innovation groups
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Investors


3 to 5 days based on clients’ needs 

MART has conducted the above program for corporate like DuPont, DSM, Airtel, Nippo.

Innovation in Low Income Markets

Affordable Innovation has become the biggest challenge for companies to expand into low income markets. But the needs and dynamics of these markets are unique and people involved in innovation should understand the same. The program offers a comprehensive understanding of low income consumers and how to initiative and manage innovation.

Topics For Whom Duration
  • Growth opportunities in rural and low income markets
  • Ethnographic research through PRA and FGD at village level to identify innovation opportunities
  • MART 3i Approach to Innovation
  • Approaches to product and process innovation
  • Scale up strategy for rural innovations
  • Managers involved in Innovation 
  • Social Entrepreneurs


3 days

Inclusive marketing

Inclusive Marketing is an approach that looks at the marginalized not only as consumers but also as producers/suppliers. This approach uses innovative co-creation and appropriate partnerships offering promise to add economic value to goods and services contributed by the marginalized. There is a dire need for both development and corporate professionals to understand inclusive marketing to create sustainable and inclusive solutions

Topics For Whom Duration
  • Conceptual clarity on Inclusive Marketing
  • Understanding inclusive marketing approaches in farm, off farm and non farm sectors
  • Market development strategies to impact the poor rural community
  • Field level interactions with rural community and market players to understand value chains and marketing issues
  • NGO leaders and managers
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • CSR Managers

3 to 5 days

MART in association with BIMTECH has been delivering this module

Market led livelihoods promotion

Promotion of viable and sustainable livelihoods among poor depends on the market. Identifying opportunities having demand in local market, strengthening local marketing eco-system, promoting value chains by engaging with market players are critical needs. It is necessary for development practitioners to understand and apply this in designing and implementing livelihood programs.

Topics For Whom Duration
  • Graduation form micro finance to livelihoods
  • MART’s 3M approach
  • Marketing principles to select viable activities and preparing marketing plans
  • Preparation of business plans for viable activities for SHGs and CBOs
  • Designing of handholding strategy for livelihood promotion
  • MFIs
  • NGO managers
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • CSR Managers

3 days

  • More than 5000 NGO managers and development professionals have been trained by MART on the above theme so far.
  • 25 partners of The LAMP fund initiative of Basix have been trained by MART across 8 states
Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma: Nikhil, a Post Graduate in Rural Management from IIRM, Jaipur has a decade long experience working with the rural communities and deeply understanding their needs and behavior. With his special interests and understanding of on-ground communication for low income segments, he has been instrumental in developing MART’s capabilities in the corporate training area, especially the Rural Immersion Programmes and Innovation programmes for managers. Nikhil also handles business development for the corporate sector and overall supervision of operational aspect of implementation projects at MART.

Ashwini Chandak

Ashwini Chandak: Ashwini, a Masters in Economics and a Post Graduate in Rural Marketing and Rural Development, has over 10 years of experience in community based enterprise promotion, value chain development, agribusiness and marketing, NTFP based livelihood promotion, skills development and public-private-community partnership. Having worked across the country, he has been actively involved in developing enterprise promotion strategy for various bilateral projects through value chain based approach. He has played a key role in developing MART’s strengths in Inclusive Marketing and Market led Livelihood promotion training.