With deep functional and industry expertise as well as breadth of geographical reach in the BOP and emerging markets,we are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients in this complex environment. That’s where the business breitling superocean chrono replica watches strategy group of MART comes into the fore by helping clients create, implement and sustain innovative out of the box solutions in these markets.

At the strategy level we work with our clients as partners, working on solutions, building their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this through internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations and implementable solutions. Be it a product concept, process methodology, an innovative communication or a last mile distribution connect; all come alive through our knowledge and effort.

Since rural markets reflect diversity in terms of it culture, religion, language and living, our own experience coupled with the panel of industry experts pool their resources to bring out the most effective strategy for the problems faced by social and corporate sector.


Our Differentiators

Being pioneers along with rich experience on providing practical solutions gives us a head start for finding an appropriate solution for the problems faced in the base of pyramid Movado Replica Watches markets.


Business Modeling in Low Income Markets

Case I - Nepal CRS Company – Revamping and restructuring

Challenge/Problem: Creating a roadmap for a funded social marketing organization to become fully commercially sustainable.

  • To build a business strategy and plan that should enhance the organization’s prospects for long-term sustainability by building diversified donor support for the organization’s mission.
  • The challenge was to create a business strategy and plan that should deliver an insight into the organization’s current business model, financial & sustainability position, redefining the corporate vision, mission and core values, customer and market dynamics, capacity building , attract funding & driving cost and process efficiencies
  • To test the proto-types developed in real test conditions in households

Our Approach

  • MART reviewed the organizational assessment completed in 2007, in conjunction with senior company management, gained a fresh perspective of the company’s current business model, financial and sustainability position, and perceptions of the strategic direction of the company. 
  • Assisted the organization in re-examining and refining its corporate vision, mission and core values, and strategy, with a view toward achieving long-term sustainability.    
  • Reviewed organization’s existing product line, with a specific focus on working with its staff to gain a better understanding of the company’s customers and market dynamics.
  • Worked with the client’s senior management to develop a five-year business strategy and plan.  Provided recommendations as to ways in which the company can attract funding and investment from donors and increase revenues.
  • Assisted in developing an operational plan for executing the business plan, which included a plan for developing capacity as needed and providing follow-on technical assistance. 
  • • The capacity-building included plans for strengthening capacity in rural marketing in support of the company’s mission to reach underprivileged and vulnerable populations.

Results/Solution: The assessment and the strategy created the exit for donor funding along with the client becoming a commercially sustainable organization. The initial funding of $5 Million for first year earlier routed through a networking agency is now being directly given to the organization. The efforts are in the 3rd year of operation. 

Case II


  • A leading infrastructure company had entered the domain of providing services both government to consumer and business to consumer through the IT enabled route. Such efforts faced the daunting task of finding the service fit for consumers and operations that make business sense.

Our Approach

  • Understanding the present business of VLE and assessment of services at CSC for their demand and revenue opportunity.   
  • Identified potential new services, based on customer demand and revenue potential


  • Identified pain points of existing customers and enablers for potential customers
  • Developed a complete marketing strategy for the organization

Market Development

Challenge/Problem: A Japanese major involved in manufacturing and marketing of innovative high quality stationary products wanted to enter the Indian rural market with a proposition for small retailers to keep track of their transactions.

Our Approach

  • Assessment of the rural market with respect to small retail outlets to understand current practices on recording financial information.
  • Using the retailers’ feedback, suggested design elements for developing prototype which was taken to the field for further testing by the retailers.
  • A concept of youth entrepreneurs has been developed for distribution of the product at the retail and is being implemented on pilot mode
  • From the pilot, the scalable model of business operations would emerge and will be integrated into the company to market such a product.
Results/Solution:The assessment and product design has been completed with focus now on creating the distribution channel to market the products. The process envisages rollout plan based on youth entrepreneurship model
Benjamin Mathew

Benjamin Mathew: With more than 16 years of industry experience and 8 years in low income markets, Benjamin possesses thorough expertise in designing and delivering various innovative models. He was instrumental in creating the ‘Bicycle Youth Model’ by MART. An expert on low income consumers he has in-depth expertise in innovating last mile delivery models.

Saurabh Srivastava

Saurabh Srivastava: Saurabh has been with MART for 3 years. He is an expert Research professional with hands on experience of interacting very closely with ever enigmatic Indian rural consumer. His capability to dig insights helps clients in arriving at appropriate solutions for their target consumers. Saurabh forms the core group member of the strategy team due to his pragmatic and straight forward approach to bring out granular strategic solutions.