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Values of Innovation, Partnership and Team Work, Integrity and Humility, Trust and Transparency, Non Hierarchical, vision to make a difference make MART an extraordinary place to work.

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At MART, our commitment and enthusiasm to the Base of the Pyramid is in our DNA. Our people and our culture make MART special - we enjoy what we do and we are intelligent, honest and passionate about making a difference in all our endeavors. We are polite professionals, down-to-earth, friendly, humble, and approachable. MART consultants take on many roles – as a problem solver, trusted advisor, consensus builder, mentor, coach, and results partner. We value knowledge and action-orientation to offer solutions to our clients.

No day is the same at MART - the team is constantly learning on a daily basis from projects to events to writing a rural marketing book or attending knowledge sharing sessions.

What MART'an have to Say!!

“Smooth seas never make skillful sailors and for me the growth at MART is our opportunity to mature into a more powerful and efficient organization”
Nirmallaya Mandal
(Team member, Livelihood and Skills)

Pankaj Mishra

“What makes MART unique is the sense of belonging that it inspires in each of us. Every MART-ian is nurtured as a family member and has the opportunity to give shape to their thoughts and ideas while learning and improving continuously’”
Pankaj Mishra
(Partner MART) who after working in MART for 5 years went to another company but rejoined MART in 2006:

Saurav Srivastava

“The past 3 years at MART have been the most satisfying and enriching years of my professional career. MART has allowed me to be brave in my approach to work. I can’t think of a company which could have given me a more exciting and meaningful job with so much freedom to operate. It has been flexible enough to trust me with so many different roles, while caring enough to mentor me at every step of the way”
Saurabh Srivastava
(Consultant, Strategy Group)

Akshaya Kumar Kanungo

“I am proud to be a member of the MART team.I think this is really incredible in a sense how much we care about transparency and democratic values in our deeds “
Akshaya Kumar Kanungo
MART, Odisha

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