Inhouse Publications

1 User Manual on MART 3M Model (Rs. 100/-) (available in English and Hindi)
2 Collective Marketing – Enriching the Marginalized (English)
3 National study on Haats and Melas (English)
4 Strategic Support towards livelihood Promotion - MP-DPIP (English)
5 Promotion of small business in watersheds (English)
6 A handbook on promoting periodic rural (haat) markets (English)

Others Publications

Rural Marketing Haats
Rural Marketing
Authored by Pradeep Kashyap,
CEO & Founder MART
Haats - As Marketing Hubs
A report by RMAI, prepared by MART
RMAI has a publication called "Haats as Marketing Hubs".
Below given is the content of the book.

Main Content of the book
1. About the Study
2. Haats as Marketing Hubs
3. Haat Sellers - The Points of Sales and Re-Distribution
4. Buyers at Haat - The Point of Communication
5. Way Forward
6. Annexure (Information on haats)

The Book will cost you Rs. 1500/- (per copy)

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